Children's Lighting Concept


+ Ending the day around the campfire, where songs, stories and relationships blossomed – ultimately shaped cultures and perhaps even helped develop some of our ability to understand one another, cooperate and internalize culture.


fuoco allows children to enjoy a cozy campfire to improve quality bedtime rituals with their hardworking parents.

*research insights


working superheroes

+ According to the U.S. Department of Labor – in the U.S., 70% of women with children under the age of 18 are in the workforce. 

+ However, 60% of parents agree they still think children are better with one parent staying at home looking after them.

importance of bonding

+ One of the most important factors in social and emotional development is the ability of a child to bond with their parents.


+ Starting from the moment a child leaves the womb, parental bonding helps a child feel safe, secure and loved.


campfire light

+ Exposure to light influences sleep. The ideal color that interferes the least with sleep production is reddish amber, naturally reminding us humans, the warmth of fire.

alessi for children

+ Alessi believes that design should be used to improve people's lives. Fuoco is a concept for alessi that lights up the company's playfulness nature for children.



*expand their universe

intimate connection 

+ The connection between bedtime stories and campfire gatherings are very similar. A fire in the middle of darkness excites people in an intimate way.

mr. & mrs. incredible

+ Fuoco gives time for parents to relieve stress and a peace of mind by focusing on the bond created by the warm light.

bedtime stories

+ Bedroom is a special place for kids to play and create their own adventures. Light their imagination by bringing the campfire to them. 

alessi fuoco 

+ Alessi fuoco builds relationships, capturing quality moments of connection and attention for parents and children.