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Industrial Design / Footwear

Explore an opportunity to redesign the Platform Creepers of 20th century to represent a contemporary uniform that goes beyond uniting youth culture by becoming a source of power through expressive and authentic connections.


*consumer insights

hybrid generation

+ The challenge is connecting with a generation of young fashion consumers whose attention spans are growing shorter as their hyper-informed eyes become sharper.

+ Only way to achieve the maximum is to treat it as one, with everything being complementary to one another.


expressive individuality

+ Bring a fashion twist to a formal look without losing the authenticity of old & new that allowed so many youths throughout time to express themselves.

slow fashion

+ Cosh has numerous opportunities developing solutions for young rebels and innovating the process of the lifestyle footwear products through materials and technology.

+ The goal is to provide a safer and viable option to benefit the mass on many different levels. Hoping will allow consumers to think about what they can do to promote and support sustainable fashion.

*overall designs

1. skate loafers

+ The skate loafer is about creating a performance driven skateboard footwear utilizing the history and elegance of a loafer and mixing with what the youth are today.

2. recycled & natural-dyed dress shoe

+ Cosh natural-dyed shoe symbolize a sense of brotherhood, identification, and belonging.

+ Symbolic to highly functional garments and footwear with a fair amount of logic and tradition.


+ This is one aspects of the fashion industry that is hard to ignore since it has devastating effects on our environment. Which is why Cosh is turning to eco-dyes that have minimal impact on the environment, and in particular natural plant dyes.

3. recycled & scoby infused dress shoe

+ Cosh "s.c.o.b.y" infused shoe represents the issues we are experiencing today. With everyone looking for something new, sustainable experimentations offer an opportunity to identify and participate in its growth and direction.

(S.C.O.B.Y. = Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast)

+ The fact that the fiber is 100 percent biodegradable is a significant benefit for the fashion industry, which by its very nature generates a lot of waste.

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