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it's the lord's day

it has long been clear that children from troubled past & neighborhoods have worse outcomes as adults. This project for basics of photo class is about capturing my childhood and its influence on my life as a designer.

"Come in. Stay out. Be yourself. Be someone else. Obey the law. Break the law. Be ambitious. Be modest. Plan ahead. Be spontaneous. Decide for yourself. Listen to others. Save money. Spend money. Be good. Be evil. Be wise. Be foolish. Be safe. Be dangerous. Be satisfied. Be envious. Live. Die. Yes. No. Rebel. Submit. RIGHT, WRONG. Sit down. Stand up. Create. Destroy. Accept. Reject. Talk. Silence."

rose co. 

*full project coming soon*


rose skateboard co., offers fashionable protective clothing and accessories that's a skater’s dream to wear and keep on shredding concrete. this zine documents the process and branding inspiration.


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